About Us

R.I.P. Phil. Phil LaMarche, creator of Instant Gourmet Spices, passed away peacefully in his sleep April 2013. As a great husband, father (and grandfather), chef, and friend of many, you'll be missed...and your legacy will live on through the next generations of Instant Gourmet Spices!

History of Instant Gourmet Spices Back in the 1960's. Phil, an accomplished chef, got tired of having over 100 bottles of spices in his kitchen. So he mixed blends of herbs and spices that could be put on any food, yet taste different with every dish. When people taste food seasoned with Instant Gourmet, they never ask, "What is that spice?", instead, they say it was the best meal they have ever had!

Our spice blends are made from only the finest herbs, spices and vegetables - dried and packed fresh with NO MSG or preservatives, and far less salt than typical spice blends. Instant Gourmet enhances the natural flavor of all of your favorite foods: from meats and poultry, to veggies, sauces, soups, salads and more!

Look for our six signature spice blends in stores near you, if not ask them to carry them.

Interesting in learning more? Please contact us... we'd love to hear from you!
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