Cowboy Steak


1 1? - 2 inch thick steak
Mesquite wood chips (optional)
4 Cups mushrooms, sliced
6 Tablespoons butter
5 Teaspoons Awake-a-Steak


Trim steak of any excess fat. Generously rub 2 tsp. of Awake-A-Steak on both sides of steak. Allow to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes, then grill over hot coals to desired doneness. (Cook over mesquite wood chips for extra flavor.) Melt butter in large frying pan over medium heat. Add mushrooms and 3 tsp. of Awake-A-Steak to pan. Stir constantly until mushrooms are tender and glazed. Top steak with saut?ed mushrooms and serve. It's a cowboy favorite!

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